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Brazilian Bikini

Are you curious about the Brazilian bikini?  Seen the term here and there, heard it tossed around in conversation?  Not sure what it is, exactly?  Well, if you’re searching for answers, you’ve come to the right place because this site is dedicated to providing all kinds of useful information about everything to do with Brazilian bikinis.

The Brazilian bikini originated in – you guessed it – Brazil.  Known for its beaches, sports, festivals and music, Brazil is also known for its sexy, curvaceous women, and it’s these same Brazilian beauties who popularized this trendy style of bikini. Any cheek-exposing, low-rise bottoms are considered to be a Brazilian style and they’re designed in all different shapes and styles so rest assured that you’ll find one that suits you.  Compared to the average bikini brief, the Brazilian offers a touch less coverage in the back allowing for more skin to be exposed.  The coverage in the front is still the same while the sides can vary depending on the design.  Either way, there’s no disputing that the extra exposure is extra sexy.

Brazilian Bikini

The traditional Brazilian looks much like the average bikini bottom but with one noticeable difference: There’s less fabric in the back.  By skimming some fabric off the sides, not only is a sexier side of you on display, but the cut also helps to accentuate your curves.  Since the edge of the bottom hugs the curviest part of your rear, it creates a nice round view from any angle. If you’re looking for a new bikini with a slightly subtle but definitely sexy difference, the Brazilian is it.

Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian Full Pucker Bikini

The Brazilian Full Pucker has two side straps and a minimal front. The pucker detail extends fully down the back. This style offers a more cheeky look compared to the standard Brazilian Bikini.

brazilian full pucker

Brazilian Half Pucker Bikini

The Brazilian Half Pucker bikini is a mix between the standard Brazilian and the Brazilian Full Pucker. There’s just enough coverage of the cheeks and it also has pucker detail in the back for a more curvy looking butt.

brazilian half pucker

Boyshort Bikini

Of course, other Brazilian styles are available as well.  If you’re looking for a low-rise bottom that shows off a touch of cheek but not a fan of the traditional Brazilian, consider the Boyshort or Shortie style.  Overall, there’s more coverage offered on this style with the wider sides, but otherwise there’s still plenty of coverage in the front while letting you hang loose in the back.

Shortie Bikini

Micro Brazilian

Anyone looking for a Brazilian style that offers just the minimum when it comes to coverage is looking for the Micro Brazilian. Aptly named, this style really does only offer a minimal amount of coverage in the back.  There’s still full coverage in the front and it’s still a low-rise bottom, but as for showing some skin in the back, the micro pretty much bares it all.  This g-string style leaves little to the imagination and is not for the shy!

Micro Brazilian Bikini

Thong Brazilian

For those searching for a style in between the traditional Brazilian and the Micro Brazilian, try the Thong Brazilian. It’s still a low-rise, still has full coverage in the front, but instead of a g-string in the back, there’s simple more fabric. It’s a perfect option for anyone who wants the sexiness of the Brazilian but doesn’t want a g-string. When it comes to the Thong Brazilian, there are a variety of options with the most popular being the Whaletail style.  While still exposing your cheeks, this thong graduates from being narrow at the bottom to being wider at the top to create a shape that’s very similar to that of a whale’s tail.

Thong Brazilian Bikini